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Signs that Your Online Date May be the ONE!!
Written by Brian on June 24, 2022
Online dating sites have become a huge business over the last few years for many reasons. Some of these dates that come from online contact have been remarkably successful, even going on to culminate in a marriage while others continue to be one failure after another. Many people start feeling as if they should just give up. But before you do that, consider that there are some ways to tell if your online date might be The One.

First, he is not there one minute and gone the next. People online can be quite good at vanishing. You can be in the middle of a chat with him, and he suddenly disappears without a word. There is no contact for weeks and then he suddenly resurfaces like he just talked to you yesterday. If you are chatting with someone that keeps up frequent and dependable communication, it is a good thing. They are probably not talking to anyone else and they’re ready to find someone that will be important to them.

Next, you both decide that you are ready to meet at the same time. This means that you are both on the same page and you are ready to take that next step. There is a great chance that, if you agree on when you should meet, you will agree on many other things as well.

You both start emailing each other regularly about little things that happen throughout the day. Not only that, but you are both thrilled to get emails from each other, it makes your day. This is great because many of life’s little details aren’t really all that important, yet you both love hearing about them.

Another promising sign is that both of you agree on how long someone should be single following the ending of a relationship. The timing also tells you how happy this person is with his life. A fulfilled person will not feel it is necessary to jump right back into a serious relationship, whereas an unhappy person will need to find another relationship as soon as possible.

You can share the serious aspects of your life and find humor in them. So, what if your dad cannot seem to keep it in his pants and cheats on your mom constantly, and you have a cousin in jail for robbery? It really has nothing to do with you. Someone that gets that and can make you laugh about it is someone you want to know better.

Both of you have the same ideas as to what a partner is. It does not matter if you feel that a partner should be a best friend as well as a lover, if you both view it the same way, you should give him a chance. Talk this over a bit so you can be sure you are on the same page.

Last of all, you both decide at the same time that you can delete those dating profiles because you feel you have met The One. This is, possibly, the most important sign of them all. You’ve both reached the decision that you only want to spend time with each other, and what could be more perfect than that?

Online dating sites turned out to be a success for me & my wife! That is where we met in 2019. we took it slow, we both decided at the same time it was right to meet, and then meet for a second and third date. Three years later we are married and extremely happy together! I know you may have doubts and yes it always does not work out this way, but like we said in our previous blog....Live without Regrets! 

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About Author: Brian

Brian was a long time bachelor that was always searching for his soul mate, best friend, and perfect partner. He finally got serious about finding this person and set himself on path that enabled him to find his soul mate and is now happily married to his perfect partner in life.
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