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Cheap Dates
Written by Brian on July 23, 2022
As we struggle right now to make ends meet due to our economic costs most people think of a cheap date as a small coffee shop get together and talking. That is not the only thing it means, though. Today dating is a whole lot different than it was even just two years ago. Dating may seem to be only for the very wealthy these days but there are ways to get around the astronomical costs of activities. You will just need to think outside of the box at times and even become a tourist in your own town.

First, movie dates do not have to be unaffordable. Granted, these will not be the brand-new releases that are showing in the theaters because those are expensive dates. However, you can stage a showing of a recently released DVD right in your own living room. If you cannot afford the cost of buying the movie, streaming a movie is reasonable or you can see if any of your friends have it already and borrow it for the night. Add popcorn and soda to your viewing experience, and you have a movie date for a fraction of the cost that you would normally pay in a theater.
Dinner dates can occur on a budget. One of the cheapest meals you can find besides just sandwiches is spaghetti. Now, before you turn up your nose, spaghetti can be delicious and quite elegant when done the right way. Hit up your local dollar store and get the pasta and sauce.

Those are your basics. While you are there, pick up a couple of candles for a bit of ambience. All of that will cost around $5. Next, head to the grocery store for either a head of lettuce and a tomato, or one of those small already made salads. Depending on your budget, you can add a couple more vegetables to it. Now add Mozzarella or Parmesan cheese to go on top of the spaghetti and a loaf of garlic bread. Also, you can do the “beefed up” version of this dinner for around $15. Tell your date to bring the wine.

Picnics are also ridiculously cheap dates. This is the time for sandwiches, sliced fruit, chips and whatever else you want to throw into the mix. Food that you choose for a picnic is something that you can adapt easily to your budget. Then, the two of you can head off to a nice park where you can enjoy your picnic for free. If it happens to rain, picnics are just as fun on the living room floor. The point is to have quality time together without worrying about money.

Play tourist in your own city. When you live somewhere you tend to miss all the things that visitors come to see. There attractions will have low to no admission prices, and you can have the chance to appreciate where you live. You can do it on more than one occasion because you might not be able to do it all in one day.

The important thing is that you find ways to be together that are also fun and do not break your budget.

About Author: Brian

Brian was a long time bachelor that was always searching for his soul mate, best friend, and perfect partner. He finally got serious about finding this person and set himself on path that enabled him to find his soul mate and is now happily married to his perfect partner in life.
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